Aiming At Variety And Broadness

Mindfulness, composure and insight can appear as a landscape in a land without firm borders. Actually these change as they are alive and let you pass more or less. Some people don’t even notice the crossing. The possibilities to enter in the land are variable just as life can be. Crossing the mountain in wintertime for instance is certainly hard and dangerous, you’re supposed to be calm and wait till summertime: Your journey will be rather easy and undisturbed. Many other people are making their ways through the forest or by sea.

Plateaus of mindfulness, forests as composure and the coast as insight are compared to an open order and most people comply with it. But it didn’t use to be always this way. Through the ages the comparisons are changing with the perception of people whose senses for this are also changing. Every time a few people have been tempted to find an ever moving comparison to go forward. Opposed to this many think that for example one insight is to be found only in a few places and there are only a few ways or even just one way to get to reach these places and these can be shown by just very few leaders. But isn’t it simply self-evident that any place can be found generally from every direction? Certainly special directions will be more or less easy or difficult. Many well trodden ways lead to special and attractive places and using them you will hardly go wrong.

But the few who went on a detour and quite deep in to the wilderness were able out of such experience to perceive the places in a special and unusual manner. Unfortunately this caused some irritation and a quarrel too, for some people who followed conscientious a famous teacher for a long time so they could hardly accept that their insight was not as illuminated and valid in general as they expected. They rather move on given lines which lead to certain destinations. According to long traditions, methods and rituals they risk becoming insensitive to change and the variety and broadness of the other world. If meeting people coming from very different directions or even from the opposite side the possibility of irritation, or rather refusal can easily become real. For many people its hard to stand, to see people arrive at common destinations from direction which some find hard to believe that these ways were possible or even existed. Since the claim of pure and illuminated awareness hardly allows for a living dialog of completion, renewal and correction. But especially this is such an essential condition for insight and for livening up a place of universal meaning. As real as the risk may be to come apart through different contexts, the chance and possibility to enrich and complement one another just out of opposing directions can be even more real.

An open and moving perception would show a still wonderful land with its broadness and variety and could even became it more by acting likewise. The forests expansing in so many forms and the coast is changing with wide beaches, secluded bay and precipitous steep coasts and as well the plateaus are manifolded. Therefore more and more people very plausible depend on it, that the universal meaning of mindfulness, composure and insight can be realised on many, often hardly regarded places, or rather the essential sense of this destinations at all is to implement them in day-today-life everywhere and any times.
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